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World Children’s Winners Games

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"Until we meet again!"

In the evening of June 4, five hundred participants of the Winners Games, along with their parents, team leaders and fans gathered for the closing ceremony to celebrate the victory and say goodbye until next year when the celebration will resume with new winners. 

Football: everyone to the field!

The quietest and noisiest competitions of the Winners Games – chess and football – were taking place at the same time. Fans flooded the stands around the football field and were screaming and stomping their feet, while the players were running up a storm between the two goals.

Chess: «Shake hands»

This phrase players hear before the first out of five games they play in their chess round. Everyone is serious and focused. It’s so quiet here that one can hear chess pieces moved on the board and clock buttons pressed. There are no fans around – neither the parents, nor volunteers are allowed here so nobody is tempted to give hints. 

“Happiness here and now” with Brainstorm

После церемонии награждения победителей второго дня соревнований на сцене появилась латвийская группа Brainstorm.